Search Engine Optimisation for estate agents

We are property SEO specialists. We will get you ahead of your competition in Google and help you gain more enquiries from vendors and landlords.

estate agentsWe are property SEO specialists. We will get you ahead of your competition in Google and help you gain more enquiries from vendors and landlords.
Romans Group Case Study


The SEO strategy that works!

"Optimistics helped to instigate and build Romans SEO strategy; including identifying high value target keywords, advising onsite optimisation and implementing offsite optimisation activities. Regular reporting enabled us to track the success of our initiatives and identify new opportunities. The team is knowledgeable, personable and always willing to go above and beyond to meet the objectives."

Thank you.

Jason Messingham

Head of Digital Marketing


A tried & tested approach to getting your estate agency website to the top of GOOGLE

Even if you’re outranked in Google by strong local competition and the bigger property agencies, we can get your agency website to the top of the search engine results for its most important keywords and phrases!

The Importance of Search Engine Traffic

There were tens of millions of ‘estate agent’ and ‘letting agent’ related searches made through Google UK in the last year. That doesn’t even include the more specific ‘to let’, ‘for sale’, and ‘to rent’ searches that include keywords like ‘flat’, ‘house’, ‘apartment’ etc. These searches represent a huge opportunity for your business. An opportunity that we’ve helped other property businesses exploit. With the right approach to optimisation, significant gains in traffic and enquires can be achieved for agents with the foresight to invest in improving their search engine visibility to sellers and vendors building a bigger property portfolio to offer your buyers.

Working with Property Agents like You

Most SEO companies will use the usual optimisation techniques, but will lack the appropriate experience in property and their efforts will fall short as a result. Agencies like yours require a specialised approach to optimisation, one that goes deeper than the usual processes that make up an SEO campaign.

Our approach is based on our property experience. It focuses on your strengths and localisation specific to your agency branches. We research your local marketplace thoroughly, identify any gaps in the optimisation of bigger players, and take advantage of those gaps to help you gain visibility based on your niches. With a growing list of well-known agents and property companies as clients, we have become specialists in getting property websites higher in the search results and keeping them there.


Stirling Ackroyd Testimonial

"Optimistics have provided a fantastic service to us from day one and guided our business through the minefield of search engine rankings, not just doing the job and pretending it is a dark art but explaining to us the whole way through the process how we can continually improve our rankings. We have seen a noticeable increase in the number of enquiries that have come directly through our website since we have worked with Optimistics and I strongly recommend anyone considering SEO to speak to Laurence."

Alexander Jones

Lettings Director,

Stirling Ackroyd



  1. Increase your Sales and Valuation Enquiries
  2. Gain more seller and vendor traffic
  3. Get you above your local competition
  4. Raise the visibility of your brand locally
  5. Reduce third party advertising costs


Contact us for information on our tried and tested approach to specialist estate agent and letting agency SEO, and to find out more about the clients that we have worked with, and the success that we have had


Galliard Homes Testimonial

"We decided to work with Optimistics because they had other property clients, were already experienced in our marketplace and had tailored strategies which could easily be adapted and applied to our online marketing goals. We have been working closely with them over the last few months on increasing our online visibility and improving our overall online marketing activity. They have handled all aspects of our SEO including the development of content, link building and online press releases, as well as consulting with our developers on technical issues related to the performance of our website. We are confident of positive results as the work and relationship develops."

Gary Conway


Galliard Homes


What's involved in our optimisation for estate agents?

Years of experience has taught us the importance of focusing on the right process, consisting of our six point plan:

1. Research:

Property is a highly competitive industry, so it’s vital to get the inside track on the competition within the marketplace. We can get under the skin of your competitors’ SEO success to reverse engineer their tactics, and then improve and amplify to gain you the competitive edge.

2. Content:

We’re experts in devising content for users that the search engines love too. It’s easy to create great SEO content that really turns off your visitors, but our content will get your property site ranking well, match what people search for, fulfil your visitors’ needs and provide an effective call to action. Our content is optimised to make the biggest impact with the search engines, and engineered to engage, inform and lead users on your site to the place you want them to go – to view a property or to enquire about a valuation.

3. Technical:

Search engines must recognise and respond correctly to the ‘technical elements’ of your website in order to process it, or ‘read’ it. Did you know there are still some types of content that cause the search engines difficulty, no matter how brilliant it is, and that they don’t routinely read as a result? Slow loading times and technical issues preventing the search engines from indexing your content can really hurt the SEO value of your property website. That’s why we offer a targeted technical optimisation service: using our tried and tested analysis process, our specialists can identify the most urgent issues and ensure that your content gets indexed and ranked effectively, and performs optimally for your users.

4. Links

The search engines still see links pointing to your site from other websites as ‘votes’ in favour of your site, but different links have different levels of value. For example, a link from a site on a similar topic to yours is worth more than a link from a site on a different topic. Good quality inbound links are crucial to the SEO value of your property website, but getting them is a challenge. That’s why we offer a carefully planned and tested outreach programme to build the most productive online relationships and acquire the most valuable natural links for your site, links that are relevant to the properties and services you offer.

5. Reputation:

Finally, your profile within both online business networks and social networks is also crucial. Search engines are more and more influenced by content posted about your business from influential industry journalists, bloggers, tweeters and experts using other social media – and by real life consumers. Optimistics identify opportunities to amplify your reputation and relationships online via these channels.

6. Location:

Search engines are geographically sensitive. They prefer to deliver results – businesses and services – which are ‘near’ to the user. Your services and properties are specific to a particular set of locations, so your site has to be optimised for those locations. That’s why our property SEO also focuses on local optimisation. Over years of testing, we have developed proven and effective strategies to get you ranking higher for the customer base in your local area and those searching for properties in the locations you cover.


Pearl & Coutts Testimonial

"Pearl & Coutts have worked with Optimistics since 2010. The commercial property marketplace is incredibly competitive online and it’s vital that we stay highly visible in the search engines. Optimistics provide a thoroughly professional and effective service. They have always responded well to our needs and we are very happy with the results that have been achieved."

Leigh Peters

Marketing Manager

Pearl & Coutts



We are offering you a detailed feasibility report that will look at the most relevant keyphrases to your business and detail how your website ranks on these versus your competitors who are outranking you, and show you the exact optimisation work required to gain you the top search engine spots and deliver more enquiries from sellers and vendors.

This report is focused on gaining an initial understanding of the keyphrase rankings of the site and the kind of competitors that are performing well in the marketplace. By looking at your rankings, the quality of your competitor’s onsite and offsite optimisation, along with the value and competition of keyphrases we can gain an insight into the feasibility of successful optimisation and the kind of work that is going to be required.

We do this by:

looking at your ranking position for a number of important keyphrases

looking at which of your pages are ranking for those keyphrases

looking at the competitors that are ranking in first position for those keyphrases

scoring your site and your competitors based on a number of inbound link metrics

analysing the difference between your link score and your competitors

Google uses the content on your site to determine what you should rank for. Content quality, volume, authority, usefulness and uniqueness play an important role, but the way the content is optimised to highlight keyphrases is paramount.

We review your optimisation in the report to see where improvements can be made.Once Google has appraised that content, it is the value and relevance of your inbound links (clickable links from other websites to yours) that help them determine where you rank for those keyphrases. That is why looking at keyphrases, competitors and links gives us a good overall view of the challenge for your site. We analyse your link profile in the report to see where there is value and risk in your link profile.Based on the initial findings within the feasibility report, we will suggest a six month plan to continue work on the following areas:

  1. Keyphrase Research
  2. SEO Audit
  3. In-depth Competitor Profiling
  4. Onsite Optimisation
  5. Content Development
  6. Local Search Optimisation
  7. Link Acquisition


Hastings Int Testimonial

"Optimistics have been working with us for nearly two years and their services are integral to our online marketing activity. We decided to work with them because of their experience and understanding of the property marketplace. It’s refreshing to work with a consultancy that really understand the issues we face. They work on our search engine optimisation campaign and run our Google AdWords pay-per-click account. In addition to that we are currently developing our website and are working closely with them to ensure we get the best possible results from the search engines when it launches. They have created quality keyword-led content for both new and existing pages, as well as consulting on the design, build and technical optimisation of the site development. Since working with Optimistics, we have seen strong increases in our target keywords and overall online visibility and we look forward to our continued work together."

Morris Nourani

Managing Director

Hastings International



Our team works with the team at GrowthTrack to deliver market-leading digital marketing for estate agents.

Our skills are diverse, covering offline media, pay-per-click advertising, website design, usability, website development and online behavioural targeting.

Our approach is centred on creating the most effective results for our clients. To deliver this to our property clients we have partnered with the UK's leading digital marketing property specialists - GrowthTrack. Together we develop and implement estate agent SEO strategies that help you generate more conversions from your website, not just traffic.

We aim to give you the best advice for your SEO, but at the same time we consider the business environment in which you work. You’ll always get a balanced view of whether the SEO challenge is one that can be overcome while still delivering an effective return on investment both in the short and long term.

We apply a range of ethical on-page, off-page, content and technical optimisation techniques to achieve success. Our campaigns involve a combination of effective communication, strategic insight, careful planning, smooth execution and detailed analysis, as well as ongoing optimisation and evaluation

  • We work with property SEO experts with a proven track record of success.
  • We deliver tangible and measurable results based on conversion, not just traffic.
  • Regardless of our experience in your market, every business is different and we will work to gain a sound understanding of your particular needs, translating them into a precisely tailored, realistic SEO plan.
  • We offer a unique blend of technical flair and marketing skill.
  • We take a sustainable approach to SEO which won’t ‘age’ as the search engines update their algorithms.
  • We don’t mystify the SEO process and take care to keep our clients fully informed on what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.
  • Our service is flexible: we offer consultancy or full-service, project or retainer.